Railings -- Installation and Repair

Whether improving the look or the safety of your space, or both, new railings can provide an excellent facelift. Safety is always a concern whether you're moving up and down the stairs. Consider calling Dave's Fences for installation, installation, and repairs for commercial or residential railings. Whether you need to install or repair your railings, our experts are ready to offer complete service from start to finish at competitive prices.

Types of Railing

At Dave's Fences, we can help you decide on something that looks great and fits your existing architecture while keeping safety in mind. With years of experience under their belts, our highly skilled tradespersons have the expertise and knowledge to handle any railing installation or repair.

Wood Railings

Depending on your decor, wood railings may be a perfect fit to accent existing design points. Wood railings can be subject to staining and damage from weather. They're also susceptible to moisture, so they can become warped over time if not properly treated or sealed. Wood is a natural material that may need periodic repair or replacement. It usually requires regular maintenance and upkeep to keep it in great shape.

Aluminum Railing

If you want a lightweight, durable railing, aluminum may be the answer. Plus, it doesn't rust or corrode—an essential feature for any area exposed to the weather.

Vinyl Railing

For exterior applications, vinyl railings supply a long-lasting solution requiring low maintenance. Most don't need any special treatment beyond cleaning. They won't rot or warp except under extreme conditions. Vinyl railing will never need repainting and, when clean, will always look as good as new.

Black Pipe Railing

Black pipe railings are both beautiful in their simplicity and highly functional. Versatile enough to serve as a decorative front porch railing but sturdy enough for dock railing at the local marina. To discuss the options with black pipe railing, don't hesitate to contact Dave's Fences.

Undecided? Call for a Complimentary Quote

The team at Dave's Fences offers free quotes on any project. Please call to schedule your appointment with one of our representatives to discuss all of your railing options for balconies, stairs, and entrances. Dave's Fences has been in business since 1996. We can meet and exceed all your needs. Call now for a no-obligation quote (914) 923-8216.

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